==Welcome to hell!==

Welcome to 123 World of Jake! A show that anyone can fap to!!!

Where it all beganEdit

It was created in 2005 by Jake Sharratt. It was Jake's magnum opus. Then Jake made more loli hentai. Like Mellow City, Tad's World, Girl's World, etc. It was one of the darkest times ever!


You can also place anything about Jake's small dick, Enjoy amigos!

No swearing! this is a christain server.

Information about other shows will never be mentioned here you fuckers

World of jake is not rated TV-Y7-FV. It's rated TV-MA.

If we find out you violate the rules, Jakelsm will fuck your 5 year old kid.

That is all ~ Jake Sharratt

NOTE: Geo Animation Studios is fucking dead.

Latest activityEdit

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