WOJ Wombidy

Hmm... I don't think it's a good idea!

Wombidy is Jakelsm and Fabritsio's brother and the youngest of the trio. He is a bit shy or scared at times, but he isn't afraid of the dark! He would scream, he would although if it was FULL OF INJECTIONS! Everyone hates injections, that's why the censor the head's office. He also knows alot about Dr Princess.

Full Name

Wombidious the Great Boy (that's what he was actually called!)




New York City, US


December 28th, 1986


His brother and cousin, Jakelsm and Fabritsio


Living (in the TV show)



Voiced by

Jim Cummings

Wombidy's AutobiographyEdit

"Hello, my name is Wombidious the Great Boy. I came from Oslo, Norway. 'When I was born I met Jakelsm and Fabritsio, they like to play with my toys, those boys, whoy! It rhymitis! I hate it, anyway... When I was 4 I went to New York forever (do they use this as one or two words? I doubt two). Then I met a dinosaur, when I thought they were extinct 65 million years ago!

So when I was in New York City, I went to the zoo, because the zoo is the best place to be if you want to meet the hot giraffes, I even put taps on them! And THEY WERE FEMALE! <3 So the zoo is great. The house is awesome!

I give my life 10/10!"


  • Wombidy is the only person in the trio to love female giraffes, even Gorgina.
  • He is the youngest
  • He is not afraid of the dark
  • He is the only person in the trio to not speak Norwegian, instead he spoke ARABIC!!!
  • He is scared of injections
  • And injection day at his school
  • He goes to the school where Jakelsm and Fabritsy go to.
  • Killed all 200 of Memy9909's fans with Jakelsm in the short film The Jatrix . (Except all of the spy accounts)