The Daily Blah is a newspaper created by Jake Sharratt. It started in 2012 when he was 11 years old. It is published by Jakelsm Printing Press/Jakelsm Publishing Comp and created by Love Prod.. It costs one euro.

The Daily Blah logo

The logo in the present


Billy Trainers

Alexander Michael

The Tappers 4

French Eller

Spring (imaginary friend)

Other girls

People that send Jake mail

And some copyrighted and credited characters


There are tonnes of sections, like Sport, Fashion, Shopping (Issue 1), Buisness (Issues 1 and 2), Good Times (Issue 3-Present Issues), The Ugly Truth (Issue 4-Present Issue), Breaks (Issue 4), Schemes (Issue 5 in the Sports Page and Issue 6-Present Issues) and The Tappers 4 (Issue 5 as The Tapping Trio-Present Issue)