The C More Movie Network is a rip-off of The Greeny Movies and Angry Birds Channel Movies in November 17th 2013


Lilo and Stich

Mikko and Eetu:The Movie

Lucas' 1st Movie

Angry Birds The Movie

Berenstain Bears and the Atomic Holocaust

Gree City The Movie

The Silly Faces Movie

Toy Story 3

Rio 3 (plush style)

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Cars 3

The Gree Team Movie

The Minions and the Atomic Holocaust 2 (2013 film)

Jake's 1st Movie

Despcable Me

The Nut Job (2014 film)

Kyle and Butters The Movie

Teenager Happy Tree Friends The Movie (2001 film)

Go!Animate The Movie (2006 Film)

& More