Pyro and the Sticky Tape is the 14th episode of Pyro the Dog from season 1.


Pyro & Pee-tah sees Marty the Wolf riding his hot air balloon and keeps saying "sticky tape". Pyro & Boots ask Marty the reason he needs sticky tape and he tells them that he has a hole in his balloon and needs sticky tape to fix it. So, Dora & Boots get some sticky tape and they started racing after Marty's balloon, but Benny's balloon disappears behind the clouds and Dora & Boots need to figure out where it's heading. GPS says the balloon is going to Crocodile Lake. Before they can get there, Dora & Boots have to go across a windy river, go over a slippery rock to get to crocodile lake. Dora & Boots' goal is to get the sticky tape to Benny before the balloon goes into the lake. Not only do Dora & Boots have to fix Benny's balloon, they fix other things too. They fix Pee-tah's broken horn and Tico's sailboat. They also wrap sticky tape on the nest to the branch of the tree to prevent the wind from knocking it off and Marty's net ladder. Dora & Boots use the sticky tape to put around their shoes to prevent themselves from slipping on the slippery rock. Dora & Boots had to watch out for Swiper. Swiper swipes the sticky tape and hides it. But Dora & Boots find it by remembering what the sticky tape looks like. Once they found it, Dora & Boots climb up Benny's balloon and Boots' climbed up the balloon, took a piece of tape and patched the hole. The balloon rised and was out and away from crocodile lake.