Bouncing Ball is the 15th episode of Dora the Explorer from season 1.


Dora & Boots were at the toy store and Boots was looking for a super blue bouncy ball. Once they found it, they went to the checkout counter to pay for it and it costed Boots to pay over 5 dollars. Boots had 20 dollars, and said "Shut up and take my money!". After they payed up, they left the toy store with Boots' super blue bouncy ball. Boots wanted to see how far the ball bounces and it bounced so much and it vanished. Boots wanted to know where his bouncy ball went. Map says that Dora & Boots have to go across a sea of muddy mud, over a troll bridge to get to a volcano. Dora & Boots jump like frogs to get over the sea of muddy mud and they had to answer another riddle from the grumpy old troll. After Dora & Boots walked on foot for a long time, Boots noticed they were still too far away from the volcano and decided that they should get a ride from Tico who drives a yellow car. Once Dora & Boots got to the volcano, Swiper swipes the super blue bouncy ball and throws it into the volcano. Suddenly, the volcano started to shake which caused the ground to shake which caused Dora & Boots to shake. the volcano explodes and the super blue bouncy ball goes towards the screen and the super blue bouncy ball gets thrown back to Boots and he was happy. but then the volcano started shaking again which caused the ground to shake which caused Dora, Boots and his ball to shake and when the volcano exploded, lots and lots of balls of different colors came out, but Boots was happy with his new super blue bouncy ball.