Sony Playstation Collection

The PS1, PS2 and PS3 together. But no PSP

The PlayStation series is a good series to look for. It was originally made by Sony in 1994.


In 1994 Sony made the PS1. That was the first PlayStation. There was lots of games, like Rayman 1, Rugrats: Search for Reptar, Bubsy 3D, Crash Bandicoot, Spider-Man and more... Then Sega came and made the Sega Saturn, and Rayman 1 was on that too, lol, and Nintendo made the Nintendo 64 (Best game: Super Mario 64)

PlayStation 2Edit

After the success of the PS1 in 1994, Sony made a sequel of the PS1 in 2000. It was called the PS2. Sega then made the Dreamcast (best game Sonic Adventure). Then Nintendo made (you guessed it) the GameCube and Microsoft (maker of Windows) made the Xbox (not 360, mind). The PS2 can play DVDs and so can the Xbox. They are all good however. It managed to make the Dreamcast fail and send Sonic to the PS2 from Sonic Heroes in 2003 (2004 in America and Europe) to Sonic Unleashed in 2008. Some of the most awesome games are Sonic Heroes and Spider-Man.

PlayStation Portable (PSP)Edit

In 2005, Sony (yet again) wanted to copy Nintendo on the Nintendo DS and made the PSP. It was a showcase. It released more and more games than the PS1 and PS2. Though the DS is a bit better. The PSP plays UMD disks, and there are some movies on UMD Disk. Like The Simpsons Movie.

PlayStation 3Edit

In 2006 Sony (again) had to beat Nintendo's Wii, and Microsoft's Xbox 360. And the PS3 was made. Like how the PS2 played DVDs and the PSP played UMD Disks, PS3 Plays Blu-rays. Well it was HD (like the Xbox 360) wasn't it? And some thought that was Sony's final console, but it's not over yet!

PlayStation VitaEdit

A cross between a PSP and a Nintendo DS (because it had a touch screen), heading to the shelves in 2012 was the PSVita. It played PSP games (download them). It is Sony's latest console so far. It might be good too.

Rumors about the PlayStation 4Edit

Some think that the PS4 might come out, along with the Xbox 720 (unconfirmed) and Wii U (confirmed). However it's unconfirmed for now.