Pilot Episode



Created by

Touchstone Television
Williams Street
Pixar Animation Studios



Characters (in order of appearence)

Master Shake
Green Bob (cameo)
Geo Guy (cameo)
Lucas Guy (cameo)
Greeny Michael (cameo)
Bow (cameo)

Ending Theme

Doraemon Spanish Ending (Old)

Musical Numbers

Cheatsy's Life (Why should I worry in later airings because of copyright from Dic)



Pilot Episode of World of Jake was the very first episode of World of Jake, and most of the main characters appeared in it. This episode was released on DVD in 2004 and shown on TV in 2005. And one of Jakelsm's shining moments! The episode was included in the GameCube and Xbox versions of Touchstone All Stars.

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Fabritsio is angry at wombidy lol

Uh Oh! Fabritsio isn't happy about Wombidy telling him off! LOL

Fabritsio was being mean to Wombidy so Wombidy tells Master Shake about Fabritsio's behavior. After hearing Fabritsio's behavior, Shake vomits. Then it cuts to Sing along songs with Joshi in later airings Dodger. Joshi sings "Cheatsy's life" (Why should I worry in later airings because of copyright from Dic and Green Bob, Geo Guy, Lucas Guy and Greeny Michael sings the song too. Dodger only sings the song in later airings. After the song Jakelsm gets angry. Then Jakelsm gets happy because he's going to a tea party. He tells the release date of Season 2 which it is May 5th 2006

First released on DVDs and VHSes, but why?Edit

Well, the SpongeBob SquarePants episode Help Wanted episode was on TV, but not released on DVD, and that's a pity (since Help Wanted is Jake's first favorite Spongebob Episode). But the WOJ pilot was the other way round! It was never released on TV, but released on DVDs and VHSes. And that's a good thing!

The episode was finally shown on ABC Kids in 2005, and episode 1 on The Greeny Channel.