Disney Sing Along Songs is a series of videoslaserdiscs and DVDs with musical moments from various GAS filmsLyrics for the songs are displayed on-screen with the Cube icon as a "bouncing ball". Early releases open with a theme song introduction (written by Patrick DeRemer) containing footage featuring Green Bob and his class, seen originally in Geo's World (voiced by Tom Kenny). Green Bob hosts some of the videos while either Yoshi or Cube host others, and later volumes, as well as the two Christmas videos, had no host at all. The footage of Yoshi and Cube were taken from several television programs.


Greenuts: Singin' and Ringin' (1997)

Friends: Love Will Last Forever (1998)

Willow and Company: Why Should I Worry (1999)

Green Slugs in the Yellow Bag: Slurpin', Slurpin' (2000)

Christmas! (2002)

Brother Deer: On My Way (2003)

Wolf Ninja: Try, Try Again (2005)

Born to Ride: Alone (2005)

Friends 3: Stay with Me (2006) NOTE: Last SAS VHS to be released.

A Snake's Creek: Guard My Place (2008)

Cavelegacy: Lucky (2013)