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Geo Animation Studios (formerly known as Jakelsm Animation) is an American animation studio owned by Paramount Pictures, founded on September 18, 1990 by Jake Sharratt, later the creator of World of Jake. The company is known for the well-recognized Greenuts series.


Geo Animation Studios was founded on September 18, 1990 by Jake Sharratt, the creator of World of Jake.

Geo Animation Studios merged into Paramount Pictures in 1991. Their first feature movie was Greenuts, which was released in 1993 and distributed by Paramount. It has since then been solely focused on animated features.

In 1996, Geo's second film "Under the Blue Sea" was released in theatres November 12, 1996.

In 1997, Geo's third film "Greenuts 2: the 2nd Film Begins" was released in theatres November 29, 1997, it's sequel to "Greenuts".

In the summer of 1998, Lix FX as the old animation company has a two splits from the visual effects the new company named "Geo Lix FX" is the all new animation studios.[1][2][3]

In 1999, Viacom sold 26% of the studio to News Corporation, where Geo Animation Studios began work for the show Greeny Phatom: The Xperience and a scene from Greeny Phatom The Movie when The Toy activates its Japanese mode (directed by Geo G. with assistance with the GPTM crew) and the credits, as well as GreenyWorld: The Gree Guy Assault, which are the studio's only non-Paramount projects. Both films were produced by Sony Wonder and 20th Century Fox.

In 2003, following the failure of GreenyWorld: The Gree Guy Assault, News Corporation sold their interest of Geo Animation Studios to The Walt Disney Company, the owners of World of Jake. Then, some of Geo Animation Studio's flims were distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

For Paramount Pictures's 100th anniversary, Geo did a new Paramount Pictures logo with extra stars. This logo was first seen on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. ==Trivia==
#The characters from Greenuts eventually turn out being their company's mascots.

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