World of Jake - A Day in the life of Sans ass


in your ass


Senran Kagura




H for Hentai

A Day in the Life of Jakelsm is the worst game of all fukken time. it was released on your mom, in your five year old, and in your ass.

it is so bad that it makes me cry like an anime fan on prom night.

A day in the life of Jakelsm boxart

The shitty ass boxart

Meme JournalEdit

You can write down some lemon fanfics. Because ... you can, but not in front of your parents! Anyway, you can write down your filthy sins ! It's a piece of garbage!

A day in the life of Jakelsm screenshot

A screenshot of a virgin slurping over his tap dancing waifus

some bullshitEdit

There's also a go the fuck outside mode! Meet your meat, meet 14 year old girls, play with your ween, do almost everything! It is a bad thing for you. Three greats I rate for my fire emblem fates, whoops, I killed Takumi! I hate it, I gotta go just a sec...

I'm dead!Edit

Anyway, about the go the fuck outside mode, there is a radar if you are a pedo or not, and the fbi. It is also 2D waifus and 3D waifus! Check out your house, it's full of nothing but your body pillows nowadays and most weeb thing is that it has nuts!
A day in the life of Jakelsm another screenshot

A fucking image i dont fucking know


It was critically shat on by critics because the game was basically "shitty ass graphics and shitty gameplay".

no one wanted to play this piece of shit so it died off like Sharena in FEH Book 3.


a screenshot Jakelsm after getting kinkshamed by Decal